US History

Course Description

Day One

  • Planning you AP® U.S. History Course/Syllabus Development
  • Historical Thinking Skills and the AP U.S. History Course
  • Developing Student Understanding of the AP course
  • Understanding the structure of the Curriculum Framework

Day Two

  • Analyzing Historical Evidence: Content and Sourcing
  • Researching the Inquiry Design Model
  • Interpretation and Synthesis of Historical Sources
  • Chronological Reasoning: The Four Reads
  • Preparing students for the AP exam

Day Three

  • Creating and supporting Historical Arguments
  • Implementing Differentiated Instruction Models in AP U.S. History
  • Using the 3-C Framework in AP U.S. History
  • Sequencing and the AP U.S. History course

Day Four

  • Assessment and evaluation in AP U.S. History
  • Strategies for teaching the AP U.S. History course
  • Teaching Analytic Writing and Critical Reading Skills


George Henry

George Henry currently teaches AP U.S. History at East High School, History Teaching Methods at the University of Utah, and U.S. History in the Venture Program at Westminster College in Salt Lake City Utah. He is a Consultant in AP U.S. History and Social Studies Vertical Teams for the College Board, and a Table Leader at the AP U.S. History reading. George was a contributing writer for the teachers edition of Bedford-St. Martin’s America’s History, and is currently working with the Colorado Education Initiative to develop an online AP U.S. History review series for students and teachers to help students prepare for the AP exam.

Class Prep: Teachers should bring a copy of their course syllabus, and their school curriculum calendar map to the institute.

George Henry

George Henry